Property Staging is a Need of Hour For Real Estate: Know Why? 

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While the term “staging” has been bandied about in the real estate industry for quite some time, it’s crucial to realize that the practice entails much more than just furniture styling in a listing. To get the highest possible price, making your house appealing to today’s homebuyers is essential. And property staging is one of the best ways to get ahead. 

Staging a home for sale is a marketing strategy that involves modifying the interior to attract potential buyers. Staging a home has one primary purpose: to make the property more appealing to potential buyers. By suggesting how the room should be utilized, we, as stagers aim to highlight the property’s best features and hide any flaws with furniture staging and several more things.

However, the concept is still taboo for several real estate owners, but here we have highlighted why one must invest in property staging for better returns and exploration. Let’s dig out more!

Reasons that Make Property Staging Valuable 

  • It gives An Idea About The Property 

When you look around an empty room, all you see is the ground and the walls. The potential purchaser may wonder if they can fit a bed in the room or if adding a second closet will make the property feel too cramped. You can leave no doubt in a buyer’s mind about the space and give them inspiration for how they might furnish their future home by displaying it with a few pieces of furniture.

  • Make Property Appealing

As mentioned, showing a potential buyer a blank space makes it hard for them to form an accurate mental image. If only 10% of people can imagine what would go into an empty room, then putting a house up for sale without furnishing or styling will immediately turn off 90% of potential buyers. As a result, they’ll click on the following listing on the real estate website, potentially purchasing a rival agency. Home furniture staging allows you to appeal to every buyer in the market.

  • Increase the Buying Speed 

Home staging increases the speed of sale and the final sales price by a factor of three to five. Customers are more likely to be emotionally invested in a property they can envision themselves calling “home” if presented as such. You’ll have more potential buyers looking at your property, which will increase the number of offers you receive and ultimately increase the selling price. Real estate staging is crucial since it’s the work you put into transforming a vast, empty room into a cozy home that draws potential buyers in.

  • Return on Investment for Staging Is Considerable

Staging is an investment that generally costs less than the initial price reduction and helps optimize the rate of return on the sale of the property. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, 75% of sellers who spent an average of 1% of the selling price on staging experienced a return on investment (ROI) of 5% to 15% over the asking cost (RESA).

Staging may increase the speed at which a property sells by as much as 30 times, according to a recent study by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals. Staging also can add up to 20% to the final selling price.

Closing Remarks

It means you should follow the trends in the industry. People’s expectations have risen as the digital sphere has expanded, creating a world where aesthetics count and people’s access to information has become more individualized. And we at Lemon Tree Staging are helping you in the same.

Using our home staging techniques, drawing attention to a home’s best features while downplaying its flaws is possible. Home staging decorates a house so it seems more desirable to a broader audience. Explore our website to learn more!


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